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Gallery Policy

1. Artwork created by TAG members brought into the gallery for display must be hung by the Gallery Curator.

2. Leave the artwork in the classroom area with your name attached.

3. Please make out a display card for the artwork and attach it to the art. The card must contain your name, the title of the artwork.media, size and price. Price should include TAG’s 25 percent commission. For instance, if you desire to receive $75 for your art, you should set your price at $100. All purchases are paid to T.A.G. and you will receive a check for your sale minus the 25 percent.

4. The curator or gallery volunteer will post your art in the green gallery entry book.

5. Members may only have ONE artwork at a time in the Gallery with a NOT FOR SALE price. This is because the Guild needs to collect its sale commission and it is only fair that we encourage sales of members’ works.

6. You may have unlimited works with a FOR SALE price, depending on available space.

7. We are using a 60 day rotation of artwork on display in the gallery. Some works have been hung for much longer. Check in the classroom to see if any of your artwork has been removed from display.

8. Our “FEATURED ARTIST” window display will change monthly. We would also like to have an enlarged photo (8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11) of each featured artist to place on a showcard in the window display.

9. The Board of Directors has asked members to make sure all artworks are ORIGINAL works BY THE ARTIST, and not copies - except for prints of original work for sale. Objects submitted for display are subject to acceptance by the curator and/or the Board of Directors.

Note that our hours are 1 to 5 PM.


Please check back often.

If there is something you are interested in, let us know!


The Tiffin Art Guild has been created to PROMOTE, TEACH, NURTURE and ENGAGE an artist environment regardless of age, skill or background.

Pablo Picasso